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Lunar Eclipse Live at UTSC

Moon party

In celebration of Science Literacy Week, join us for an evening to view the last visible total lunar eclipse until 2019 accompanied by a series of short lectures on astronomy.  On September 27, the moon will pass through Earth's shadow, blocking any direct sunlight to the moon and causing it to glow red.  The eclipse will also be streamed live on screen in case of weather. Attendees will get a chance to tour UTSC's observatory and look through our telescopes.

Refreshments will be provided.


Science Literacy Week: "Lunar Eclipse Live"

Lecturers: Amaury Triaud, Postdoctoral Fellow / Ari Silburt, PhD Candidate, Astrophysics / Daniel Tamayo, Postdoctoral fellow / Hanno Rein, Assistant Professor

Institution: University of Toronto

Date of event: Sunday, September 27, 2015

Time of event: Event starts at 8pm. Total eclipse starts at 10:11pm

Location: Rm 309, Science Wing Building, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus


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