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UTSC welcomes new faculty

Left to right: Cindy Chan; Stefan Renckens; Nan Li; Alison Braley-Rattai; Andrea Charise; Dean and Vice President, Academic, Rick Halpern; Glenn Brauen; Adam Martin

The new cohort of faculty is especially significant as UTSC celebrates its 50th anniversary. The campus has grown tremendously over the last half century, from 16 faculty and a mere 191 students in 1964, to more than 300 faculty and a student population of nearly 12,000 in 2014.

This year, UTSC welcomes many new faculty in a variety of disciplines, including Computer Science, Social Psychology and City Studies. In total, we have three new professors, 16 assistant professors and four new lecturers.

“We welcome new faculty members in a number of disciplines who bring research expertise and teaching excellent to UTSC.  It is extremely gratifying to see such stellar colleagues join our ranks,” says Professor Rick Halpern, Dean and Vice Principal, Academic.

Two professors joining us this year are in the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies. Jeffrey Pilcher is a leading historian of food history and is one of the founders of the field itself. He was one of the first scholars to identify the key questions in food history surrounding labour, empire, nationalism, urban foodways and globalization. Donna Gabaccia joins us from the University of Minnesota and is a preeminent historian of gender and immigration. She is a scholar of extraordinary productivity and her work is among the most important in the study of immigration in a transnational framework. Professor Leonard Tsuji joined the Department of Anthropology in January 2014; an expert in health, environmental and social issues faced by indigenous communities in Northern Ontario, he will enhance UTSC’s emphasis on interdisciplinary research and will make valuable contributions to our Health Studies programs.

Two other new faculty members have been with us since January 2014. Dr. Sharlene Mollett, assistant professor in the Department of Human Geography and the Centre for Critical Development Studies, is a cultural geographer and political ecologist who studies the intersection of issues of race, gender and land/property rights. Dr. Blake Richards joined the Department of Biological Sciences as assistant professor in Neurophysiology and is especially welcomed by the Comparative Physiology research group.

University of Toronto is a world-renowned research institution and to add to this reputation we are pleased to welcome the following assistant professors: Andrea Charise, whose research will enhance the interdisciplinary Health Studies program, joins the Department of Anthropology. Kenzie Burchell is a specialist in convergence journalism, news media circulation and media events and joins the Department of Arts, Culture and Media. Daniel Roy is a statistician who woks on the boundary of statistics, machine learning and theoretical computer science. He’s joined by Jabed Tomal, the Alberto Mendelzon Visiting Assistant Professor in Statistics, in the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. Kara Moskowitz joins the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies. Michelle Buckley and Steven Farber join the Department of Human Geography.

Cindy Chan, whose research focuses on consumer relationships and the role of emotion in consumer relations; Andre Cire, who is an expert on operations management; Nan Li whose research focuses on labour market peer firms; and Kristina McElheran, a strategist who works on innovation and technological change, all join the Department of Management. Waheed Hussain (political philosophy) joins the Department of Philosophy. Adam Martin is a specialist in agroforestry systems and joins the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. While Alison Braley-Rattai (public law and Canadian politics) and Stefan Renckens (public policy as it relates to private governance) join the Department of Political Science.  Yoel Inbar, a social psychologist, joins the Department of Psychology.

Our four new lecturers join an already stellar group of teaching stream faculty. Dr. Heidi Daxberger will be teaching in Environmental Geosciences in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. Dr. Kathleen Smith and Dr. Suzanne Sicchia, both long-standing sessional lecturers, will teach in Mathematics and Health Studies. Dr. Glenn Brauen, from Carleton University, joins the Department of Human Geography.

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