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Eyles earns Royal Society of Canada medal for bringing the Canadian landscape to life

UTSC professor Nick Eyles received the McNeil Medal from the Royal Society of Canada for promoting science to students and the public witin Canada. (Photo by Ken Jones)

UTSC professor Nick Eyles takes people on a geologic journey – and he makes sure it’s a fascinating one.

“There are so many beautiful natural sites right in our own backyard that many people are not aware of,” says Eyles. “I like to bring the outdoors into the classroom and I try to do the same with the public, introducing people to beautiful and unexplored areas of the Canadian landscape,” he says.  

For his work promoting and communicating science within Canada Eyles received the 2013 McNeil Medal from the Royal Society of Canada. Past recipients include the CBC’s Bob McDonald, science broadcaster Jay Ingram and environmental activist David Suzuki.

Eyles, a professor in the Department of Physical and Environmental Science, hosted the popular mini-series Geologic Journey and Geologic Journey II on CBC’s The Nature of Things with David Suzuki.

He has written several books including the award-winning Canada Rocks: The Geologic Journey. His most recent book, Road Rocks Ontario, is paired with a mobile app that takes users on a digital road trip to 250 geologic wonders around the province.

“When I see an interesting landscape I wonder how it came to be, what processes were involved in shaping this land. If I can impart at least some of that curiosity and knowledge, then I’m satisfied,” he says.

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