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Hamlet: An Opera (excerpts) Premiere by Mark Richards


Jubilee United, 40 Underhill (DVP & Lawrence Ave.)

Tickets: $20 General, $10 Students

Mark Richards, graduate student in music with Sasha Rapoport, and a familiar figure at UTSC, is co-director of a concert April 7th at which his music for Hamlet: an opera will be premiered before it goes by invitation to the Stratford Festival for two performances.

The April 7th concert stars young classical musicians from the Glenn Gould Conservatory -- performers with exceptional talent.

The venue for the concert is the remarkable new building for Jubilee United, at 40 Underhill (just east of the DVP, first north on Lawrence).

The concert is part of a series funded by Stephan Jarrett, retired architect, who helped design UTSC and the initial Stratford facilities.

The time on April 7th, Easter Saturday, is 7.30pm.

The first third of the concert will be Beethoven's dramatic Appassionata piano sonata. The pianist is a new Canadian, Eka Shanshiasvili, from the Georgian Conservatory, Tbilisi.  Next will be the premiere of excerpts from Mark Richards' Hamlet.  Richard's music is very approachable on first hearing. The very next weekend, Mark and the singers will be at the Stratford Festival!  Finally, there will be showpieces selected by the young singers to fit their voices -- some entertaining, some very moving indeed.

Professor John Kennedy has worked with Sasha and Mark on the Jarrett series. He will be happy to sell tickets at $20 for general admission and $10 for students of all ages. Many from UT and UTSC especially have been to these concerts. It will be a social evening out. After the concert at 9.30 there will be a wine and cheese reception, which will give all a chance to mingle and meet the musicians. John will be happy to introduce you and guests around.

Interesting notes: the first music director (2000) for the Jarrett series, Julian Kuerti, is now assistant conductor of the Boston Symphony. Lenard Whiting was director 2001. Music commissioned for the series has been performed later in Austria and the US as well as Ontario.


Pianist:    Eka Shanshiashvili

Singers:   Megan Fleet, Michael Ciufo, Vasil Garvanliev (Glenn Gould Conservatory)

Music:     Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven, Richards, Tchaikovsky, Bellini....

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