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UTSC celebrates distinguished service

The UTSC community gathered to honour faculty, student and staff service during the Celebration of Distinguished Services on June 19. (Photo by Ken Jones)

The UTSC community gathered on the scenic grounds of the historic Miller Lash House June 19 to celebrate the distinguished service of its staff and faculty.

It was another beautiful, sunny day to mark the annual awards ceremony that honours length and quality of service to the campus. For more photos from the event click here.

“We have so many wonderful people working here and they truly make UTSC such a great place to be,” said UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino. “This celebration offers an opportunity to recognize longevity and quality of service by our staff and faculty.”

Professor Michael Bagby, Department of Psychology, received the Principal’s Research Award for his work in the field trials for some of the newly described conditions in the recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Bagby is also the world’s leading authority on alexithymia, which is an inability to express and describe emotional responses.

He Song Sun, Cell and Systems Biology, received the Graduate Student Research Award for his research into better understanding the pathogenic mechanism of chlamydia that leads to increased risk of cervical cancer. This research could aid in the development of the first effective vaccine against the devastating bacterium. 

Meanwhile, four awards were presented to graduate students and faculty in celebration of teaching excellence.

Danny Cao from the Department of Mathematics received the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award for his passion in “helping students re-discover their love for mathematics.” Cho Kin (Tim) Cheng, Department of Psychology, took home a Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for his work in helping develop a unique assessment tool for online courses.

Professor George Quan Fun, Department of Management, and Professor Effiette Sauer, Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, both received Faculty Teaching Awards. Quan Fun teaches accounting and his students perform among the very best in their qualifying exams to obtain their professional designation. Sauer was praised for being engaging and enthusiastic while bringing a fun approach to chemistry. 

The D.R. Campbell Merit Award, which celebrates individuals who have made a significant contribution to the improvement of the quality of life at UTSC, was jointly presented to students Samantha Chiu and Karen Young for co-founding the inaugural TEDxUTSC event earlier this year.

The Patrick Philips Award for Staff Service went to Laurel Wheeler for her work in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media.  

For more information about the Principal’s Awards, including a list of past recipients, click here.

25 Years of Service
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John Venetas
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