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The Beginning of Earth's Magnetic Field, Seminar with John Tarduno

John Tarduno Seminar: The Beginning of Earth's Magnetic Field

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 5pm

Location: S319

Hosted by: The Graduate Students' Association at Scarborough (GSAS)

FREE, Everyone Welcome

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The Graduate Students' Association at Scarborough (GSAS) is honoured to present a special seminar with Dr. John A. Tarduno from the Department of Physics & Astronomy, Earth and Environmental Science, at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Tarduno will present a seminar entitled "The Beginning of Earth's Magnetic Field" where he will explore current research on the formation of the magnetic fields on Earth and Mars, along with the planetary implications of magnetic field shifts. He will discuss how knowledge of this and the strength of Earth's early geomagnetic field is important in understanding the evolution of the Earth's core, surface environment, atmosphere and life.

Please join GSAS, faculty, and members of the university community for this engaging lecture on Tuesday March 5th, 5pm, S-319, with a small reception to follow.

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