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Multi-faith memorial service for survivors and victims of Oct. 8 earthquake in South Asia

The International Student Centre Volunteers  & Student Associations at UTSC will host a multi-faith memorial service for the survivors and victims of the October 8 earthquake in South Asia. All members of the UTSC community are requested to join the session to reflect on the devastation brought forward by this tradegy.

Fundraising initiatives will continue to be organized by various student organizations. Amounts raised from collaborative efforts will be donated towards shelter and basic necessities for victims of the aftermath.

WHERE: Meeting Place, University of Toronto Scarborough, 1265 Military Trail

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 20, 10:00 am

For more information please contact:

UTSC International Student Centre (416) 287-7518 or 416-287-7455  or the Office of Student Affairs & Services (416) 208-4760


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