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#UoftGrad17: Ikenna Anudu

Ikenna Anudu hopes to continue his academic in graduate school, either by pursuing a master's in biomedical sciences or business school. (Photo by Ken Jones)

If there is one thing Ikenna Anudu wants incoming students to know it’s to attend all of your classes!

“There seems to be a misconception amongst a lot of first years that their first-year academic performance isn’t important at all,” he says, something he learned in his studies as a double major in Human Biology and Psychology.

Outside of his studies, Anudu is very passionate about staying fit, and he boasts being able to lift 585 pounds, almost four times his body weight.

Being an international student, hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Anudu was able to find a home in Residence and served on the Residence Life Team as a Residence Advisor.

“I wanted to be able to give back to the community which did so much to offer me guidance and nurturing when I was very unsure of myself in first year,” he says.

And some of his best memories include staying up late with his friends on Residence studying together.

Where did you go to high school?

I went to high school in Lagos, Nigeria.

Why did you come to UTSC?

My family has strong ties to the University of Toronto. With my older brother and sister being graduates, and my younger brother just starting off, I was very well acquainted with the downtown campus and decided for myself that I wanted a change of pace. I wanted a more tightly knit community and UTSC fit the bill perfectly for me.

Why did you choose your program?

My father has a career in agriculture so it was only fitting that I expanded on his experiences and pursued biology as a whole. In addition, I am intrigued by the human mind and took up psychology as a second major.

What’s the best-kept secret on campus? If you go to the gym very early or very late you’ll seldom run into many people. A useful tip if you’re looking to avoid crowds.

What should every student do before graduating?

Join a team of any form, be it a gaming team, sports team, dance team. The friendships you make when working towards a common goal with others are some of the most genuine. For instance, I used to play rugby and was a member of the TEDxUTSC executive team.

What made you want to become a part of the Residence Life Team?

I wanted to be able to give back to the community which did so much to offer me guidance and nurturing when I was very unsure of myself in first year.

What is your favorite memory of Residence?

Studying and laughing with my friends until 5 a.m.

What was your most rewarding accomplishment during your time here?

I came second in the UTSC powerlifting competition. Though I have accomplished much more this would have to be the greatest because it was something that I never thought was within my capacity.

If we call you up in five years, where do you think we will find you?

Probably finishing up medical school.


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