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Communication Cafes: Level 1-Winning A Scholarship, Level 2-Bringing Out the Critical Thinker in You

Communications Cafe Level 1: Winning A Scholarship

Have the thrill of winning a "scholarship" by developing the skills of presenting your ideas in an engaging way that can contribute to successful scholarship applications as well as other circumstances where you need to be able to project your capabilities in positive ways.

Develop further skills for synthesis and evaluation through the game this week. Those who participated in last semester's cafe on scholarship will be encouraged to take on a more challenging scholarship application. Watch yourself develop the vocabulary, skills and confidence that will be useful in your current courses too.

Sessions offered three times this week:

Tues, Jan. 29, Thu, Jan. 31, and  Fri., Feb 1

Time: 11 am - 12:30 pm.

Academic Learning Commons

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Communications Cafe Level 2: Bringing Out the Critical Thinker in You.

There is no doubt that sharpened critical thinking positive impacts your academic work.

Come and enjoy sharpening your critical thinking skills while developing your creativity, vocabulary and evaluation skills.

Session offered this week starting 2 pm:

On Tues Jan 29 and Thu Jan 31.

On Friday, the session begins at 1 pm.

Academic Learning Commons

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