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Trump and Travel: Political Science Town Hall


Trump and Travel: What does this mean for U of T Scarborough and the world?

President Trump’s first attempt at banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries was temporarily blocked by the U.S. court system, but his next Executive Order banning travellers is expected to present similar challenges. This ongoing legal battle in the United States will affect our U of T Scarborough students, including those who are not from targeted countries.

The Department of Political Science is hosting a town hall for all members of the U of T Scarborough community to address how the travel ban affects our campus and the world. Come learn how this American migration crisis might affect your academic and personal plans.

Join U of T Scarborough political science faculty members for a roundtable discussion on Thursday, March 2 from 9-11 a.m. in the Catalyst Centre (Environmental Science and Chemistry Building).

This event is supported by the Office of the Vice-President and Principal.

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