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Deal ....or No Deal! Leave The Pack Behind

Leave the Pack Behind is excited to launch its annual “Let’s Make a Deal” contest!!!!

Reasons to Enter:

  • Prizes!!!
  • Passport Stamp on completion of contest for first year students
  • Excellent Incentive to quit smoking if you are ready! 

Make it exciting by challenging yourself as well as your peers by participating in any of the 4 deals that suits you best. Each deal lasts for a course of 8 weeks.

 1)      Quit for good: For regular smokers who want to quit completely.

2)      Keep the count: For regular smokers who want to cut their cigarette consumption by 50%.

3)      Party without the count: For regular or social smokers to quit smoking with alcohol, regardless of the amount they smoke at other times.

4)      Don’t start and win: For non-smokers and ex-smokers not to pick up smoking.


How do I sign-up????


Bring a non-smoker buddy to an LTPB booth on any of the following days:

1)      Monday January 21st: Student Centre (11am-4pm)

2)      Tuesday January 22nd: Student Centre (11am-4pm)

3)      Wednesday January 23rd: Student Centre (11am-4pm)

4)      Thursday January 24th: Wellness Fair at the Meeting Place (11am-4pm)

5)      Friday January 25th: Student Centre (11am-4pm)


Check out the Prizes!!!

  • $500 in gift certificates from UTSC bookstore
  • free membership at Good Life Fitness
  • and tons of other gift certificates)  

 So………..……...Do you have it in you to make a Deal??


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