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Resume Building Tool: Academic Advising & Career Centre create open-source tool

The Academic Advising & Career Centre walks you through resume building in new online module.

The Academic Advising & Career Centre is helping U of T Scarborough students look better on paper, one resume at a time. They recently added the Resume Building Tool, an online learning module, to their list of services. The tool features a series of animated videos showing how to properly create a professional resume and offers a variety of resources, from resume templates and samples to how you can brand yourself online. One of the project’s main contributors is UTSC Career Counsellor E-Lin Chen, who says the module is part of an initiative by the Academic Advising & Career Centre to have more resources available online.

“We are a commuter campus. A lot of students just go to class and then go home. We’re not reaching 100 per cent of the student population,” says Chen. “Through the module, we can reach students at home and have resources available for them 24/7.”

Users can go through the videos from start to finish or choose sections of their resume to focus on such as the header, summary or accomplishment statement. Chen says that the module addresses the concerns that students have about resume writing.

“Students are not sure if they’re using proper language. A lot of times they’re not sure what’s relevant or what they are allowed to include. We have a lot of students who have great experiences but they don’t know how to write it down.”

The Resume Building Tool also serves as a first point of contact for the other services that the Academic Advising & Career Centre offers.

“It may be sufficient in itself. By watching the videos, students may feel confident in writing their own resumes and sending them to potential employers,” says Chen. “But we also hope this is a way to encourage them to come in for a Rapid Resume Review.”

Rapid Resume Reviews are held in AC213, Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and students can drop by for a quick review of their resume.

Although the Resume Building Tool is targeted particularly towards undergraduate students at UTSC, Chen says it can also be useful for members of the greater UTSC community and was created with the mindset of being an open-source module. “A lot of the different sections of a resume will be applicable to graduate students or to people who are not students but maybe just trying to learn more about a Canadian-style resume,” she says.

What’s next for the Academic Advising & Career Centre? They're developing online learning modules covering other key topics such as interviewing and networking.

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