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U of T Scarborough's André Sorensen wins prestigious award

Professor André Sorensen

Associate Professor André Sorensen of U of T Scarborough's Department of Human Geography has won the 2016 Association of European Schools of Planning Best Published Paper Award. 

Sorensen received the award for his paper "Taking path dependence seriously: an historical institutionalist research agenda in planning history" published in Planning Perspectives.  

“The award is a great honour in itself, as this is one of the top awards in planning studies, but it is particularly wonderful that this will mean that the paper will be seen by a lot more readers,” says Sorensen.

“One aspect that is very exciting for me is that a number of researchers are already working with my conceptual framework and developing several aspects of my proposed research agenda.” 

Sorensen’s paper developed a theoretical framework and proposal for a research agenda in planning history that employs a Historical Institutionalist (HI) approach. He says HI provides a number of valuable concepts and methods for planning history research that can help in developing long-run international comparative studies of urban planning and planning governance.  

Sorensen adds almost all HI research has focused on national level policies and governance, but has ignored the issues specific to municipalities and cities.

“As urban areas provide a rich and consequential set of institutions, such research is likely to be productive.”

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