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Academic English Health Check

Having the necessary academic English language skills for university-level work is essential for undergraduate success. Language not only impacts your speaking and writing abilities, but also your reading skills and your ability to understand your lectures, lecture notes, reference materials, lab or exam instructions.

What is the Academic English Health Check (AEHC)?

AEHC is a quick 20-minute diagnostic tool that you respond to on the computer, and it is computer-marked. You get your results within an hour through email. Your results are personal to you and do not get associated with your academic record. The AEHC is a service provided for students to help them know for themselves their level of Academic English health. You can use your results to understand more about your own areas of strength and challenge. Based on your individual results, recommendations will be offered about programs on campus that will help you address those needs in the shortest time possible.

Check the ELDC website for the AEHC dates and times. Sign up on the intranet to book your 20-minute diagnostic.


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