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#UofTGrad16: Melody Fu

Melody Fu is passionate about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, which will serve her well as a future teacher. (Photo by Ken Jones)

As Convocation day approaches, we’re filled with pride at the incredible accomplishments of our students. No matter what program they’re in, no matter what their major, our students have made contributions to the campus, to the community and to the world at large. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll highlight students who have made a huge impact already, and are poised to do even more now that they’re graduating. From an Olympic weight lifter to a social activist featured on the CBC, we’re certain that you’ll be reading a lot more about them in the future! Follow the all the U of T Convocation excitement at #UofTGrad16.

 Melody Fu

One thing you should know about Melody Fu is that she likes to speak up.

“I am not afraid to voice my opinions and be straight up about things.”

She can express herself not only in English, but also in French. Melody specialized in French and minored in Psychology. She recommends that students interested in French language and culture participate in the Explore bursary program, a five-week course where students learn to speak the language while living with hosts in Quebec.

Graduating from the Concurrent Teacher Education Program, she is heading off to University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) this September in hopes of becoming a public school teacher.

Melody was the captain of the Ladies Intramural Field Hockey Team and a member of the Ladies Intramural Flag Football Team. She plans on teaching the importance of physical activity to her future students. 

“I’m passionate about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.”

What was your favourite class? Why?

FRED06 Oral French. This was my favourite class because it gave me a chance to practice speaking in French and was an excuse to socialize with my friends.

What’s the best-kept secret on campus?

There's a 4th floor in the AA building! 

Where do you feel most at home on campus?

There used to be couches in Humanities Wing. So comfy! 

Quick tip for new first years?

Don't be afraid to try something new! 

What is a “must-do” on campus – what should every student do before graduating?

Visit the Health and Wellness Centre. Free healthcare, take advantage of it! 

What was your most rewarding accomplishment during your time here?

My most rewarding accomplishment has been becoming a Peer Academic Coach for the First Year Experience Program and mentoring first year students. It is very rewarding to be able to share my experience and give advice to first year students entering university for the first time in their life. 

If we call you up in five years, where do you think we will find you?

Probably in a school, teaching kids (either in Toronto or abroad). Hopefully I will also be travelling around the world during summer vacations. 


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