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#UofTGrad16: Feras Shamoun

Human Biology grad Feras Shamoun won an international award for his work leading facilitated study groups. (Photo by Ken Jones)

As Convocation day approaches, we’re filled with pride at the incredible accomplishments of our students. No matter what program they’re in, no matter what their major, our students have made contributions to the campus, to the community and to the world at large. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll highlight students who have made a huge impact already, and are poised to do even more now that they’re graduating. From an Olympic weight lifter to a social activist featured on the CBC, we’re certain that you’ll be reading a lot more about them in the future! Follow the all the U of T Convocation excitement at #UofTGrad16.


Feras Shamoun

Chances are if you attended a Facilitated Study Group (FSG) in the last few years, Feras Shamoun was the student tutor that patiently helped you get through those complicated concepts and problems. In fact, he recently won an international award for his work.

Feras, who specialized in Human Biology, came to U of T Scarborough because of its academic reputation. That being said, the relationships he made throughout his undergraduate years are what he’ll miss most.

“The tight-knit community in UTSC facilitated student interaction and allowed me to forge good connections with my peers. It gave me a sense of belonging.”

Aside from FGSs, Feras immersed himself in other campus organizations such as the First Year Experience Program, Middle Eastern Student Association, Canadian Red Cross and the English Language Development Centre.

Where did you go to high school?

I went to high school in Syria.

What was your favourite class?

I loved so many of them. But one of the most interesting ones that I didn't expect to enjoy, and turned out to be one of my favourites was the Computer Science course CSCA20. It was a novel thing to me on logic, as well as math which I love. It was the first time I was introduced to programming, and it was truly one of the most enjoyable courses during my undergrad.

Where do you feel most at home on campus?

There are two places that make me feel comfortable on campus. One is my laboratory that I do research in, where I spent a lot of time. The other is the rooms AC221 and AC219, where we used to do Facilitated Study Groups, which were a significant part of my undergrad journey, and left a big mark on me as an individual.

What is a “must-do” on campus? 

Pull an all-nighter with friends and order pizza.

What’s next?

I aspire to be a medical doctor, and so I will be applying for medical schools. Also, I will be doing some research which I got involved in, and fell in love with in UTSC.


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