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#UTSCGrad16: Fallon Hayes

Once Fallon Hayes got involved outside the classroom, "university became much more fun, fulfilling and engaging." (Photo by Bianca Quijano)

As Convocation day approaches, we’re filled with pride at the incredible accomplishments of our students. No matter what program they’re in, no matter what their major, our students have made contributions to the campus, to the community and to the world at large. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll highlight students who have made a huge impact already, and are poised to do even more now that they’re graduating. From an Olympic weight lifter to a social activist featured on the CBC, we’re certain that you’ll be reading a lot more about them in the future! Follow the all the U of T Convocation excitement at #UofTGrad16.


Fallon Hayes

Fallon Hayes always had an easy-going attitude. The Molecular Biology and Neuroscience major says that her optimism is what kept her going through her undergraduate years. In her role as lead mentor in the First Year Experience Program, she made sure to remind other students not to be consumed by their academic worries.

“I always told first-years to not freak out about the marks they get from their first exams. There’s a learning curve but eventually you’ll get the hang of it all,” she says.

Guiding other students on their UTSC journeys is what Fallon misses most. She was also a mentor for the IMANI program, study abroad ambassador, orientation group leader and English conversation partner with the Department of Student Life.

What was your favourite class?

I really enjoyed the first year philosophy class I took. It challenged things that we believe but have never really thought about. The class really makes you think about the hard questions, but at the same time helps you to realize what you, as an individual, believe. 

Quick tip for new first years?

Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Talk to anyone and everyone, we are all in the same situation. Also don’t be afraid to take courses different than your major because those courses can be the most rewarding. Lastly get involved — university became so much more fun, fulfilling and engaging once I got involved. Also don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In the job search later, it will be beneficial if you have two very different majors. For example: one science and one arts or business related.

What should every student do before graduating?

Once a year there's an event called the Amazing Race! It’s super fun and you can do it with your friends and win some cool prizes

What was your most rewarding accomplishment during your time here?

The most rewarding accomplishment was becoming a part of the Department of Student Life. Through being a work study and volunteering I was able to not only meet amazing people but I also learned a lot about myself and my love for meeting people and making them feel welcome and comfortable

What’s next?

I’m just going to go with the flow and do what I want in the present right now. In the next little while I’ll travel, then maybe come back and do a Masters.


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