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U of T Scarborough named Fair Trade Campus

U of T Scarborough has been named a Fair Trade Campus by Fairtrade Canada. Photo by Jens Schott Knudsen

Wake up and smell the fair trade coffee at U of T Scarborough.

U of T Scarborough has been named a Fair Trade Campus, a Fairtrade Canada initiative recognizing leadership in this movement.

UTSC’s Business Development office, Sustainability office, and Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) spearheaded efforts to obtain the designation, bringing fair trade products to outlets on campus.  

“University of Toronto Scarborough has worked hard and has stayed extremely committed to making this happen,” says Sean McHugh, Canadian Fair Trade Network Executive Director. “It is my pleasure to congratulate U of T Scarborough on becoming Canada’s 15th Fair Trade Designated Campus.”

Fair trade upholds social and environmental standards to protect food producers and the environment. The movement promotes safe labour practices, ecological and sustainable measures of production, and also makes supply chains clear by building meaningful long-term relationships with farmers and artisans, paying them in accordance with fairness and decency. 

The program isn’t only about coffee. Fair Trade Campuses must also offer—at a minimum—at least three fair trade teas and one fair trade chocolate option at University and student-run stores and vending machines. While the designation does not include franchises such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons and LaPrep, partners are committed to working with franchises on campus to expand their fair trade product offerings.

Signage and banners across campus will announce UTSC’s commitment to fair trade coffee, tea and other products. “We’re proud to join this growing movement, taking the lead on social and environmental sustainability,” says Fran Wdowczyk, Director of Business Development and Special Advisor to the CAO. “We’re committed to making a difference.”

According to Fairtrade Canada Outreach Coordinator Mélissa Dubé, the program is growing in both participation and momentum. “Becoming a Fair Trade campus is an important step toward challenging exploitation and ensuring equity in all respects at the University,” adds SCSU President Jessica Kirk.

Although fair trade products have already been available across campus, Wdowczyk points out partners want to go beyond what’s required to meet this designation. “We want to set a new standard.”


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