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US Visa- Travelling, Studying & Working

Are you interested in visiting, working (internship/co-op opportunities) or studying in the USA? 

Please join us to watch the live stream of an information session by the United States Consulate in Toronto on March 9, 1-3 pm in EV151.  

The presentation will cover: 

- The different USA Visa Categories ( Visitor Visa, Work Visa, Student Visa,...)
- Eligibility criteria for each category
- Application procedures
- Required documents 
- Processing Times. 

The information will be beneficial to all domestic and international students/alumni who may have plans to go to US for different purposes. 

Please note that since ISC can not provide any US-visa advise, it is highly recomeneded that you attened this sessiona and get your questions asnwered.

Please sign up on CLN asap and show up on time.

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