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1 in 5 at UTSC: Three Voices Film Screening


1 in 5 at UTSC: Three Voices – Discovery. Recovery. Hope. Film Screening

Oct 28,2015

Doors Open: 5pm

MW140 .

Three Voices is a raw and heart-wrenching documentary about what mental illness really looks and feels like. It is a story about losing your grip on who you are and then rediscovering yourself through art, through self expression, through compassion for others. Three Voices is a film for those too afraid or too ashamed to use their own voice to ask for help. It is encouragement to do so.

Three Voices chronicles the lives of three young people from diverse backgrounds who share the common link of mental illness. They present, in a frank and honest way, their experiences, struggles, fears, joys and hopes. Their stories touch the heart and serve as support and inspiration for all those young people that struggle with their illness. Our most sincere and heart-felt thanks for their participation and honest dialogue.

Produced by Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, this film speaks to the countless young people dealing with mental illness as well as their families, friends, teachers, coaches and anyone else that impact their lives in a meaningful way. The hope is that it will inspire young people to ask for help, their families and friends to assist and support and for all society to be accepting and compassionate.

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