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UTSC Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science celebrates success

Members of UTSC’s Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science have received several awards and accolades in recent months. (Photo by Ken Jones).

It’s been a remarkable run of recent success for members of UTSC’s Graduate Department of Psychological Clinical Science.

This past summer Associate Professor Anthony Ruocco received an Early Career Researcher award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation, while Professor Zindel Segal was named a U of T Distinguished Professor. Segal, along with Professor Herbert Kronzucker from the Department of Biological Sciences who was also named a Distinguished Professor, will see their research featured in October to celebrate the achievement.

It was also a very successful round for graduate students in the program who received numerous awards in the Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Program (CGSM). These scholarships are given out annually by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Students who received awards in the first-year doctoral cohort include Nadia Al-Dajani (SSHRC CGSM), Kathrine Gardhouse (CIHR CGSM), Greg Williams (SSHRC CGSM), while Tara Gralnick received an Ontario Women’s Health Scholars Award and Archala Rodrigo received an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

In the first-year master’s cohort Courtney Berezuk received an NSERC CGSM, Amanda Ferguson (SSHRC CGSM), Kathleen Walsh (CIHR CGSM), and Matthew McPhee received an NSERC CGSM and a Mary H. Beatty Fellowship.

Out of the second-year master’s cohort Philip Desmormeau received a CGSM and Mary H. Beatty Fellowship Meanwhile, Le-Anh Dinh-Williams (NSERC CGSM), Kyrsten Grimes (CIHR CGSM), and Matthew Quitasol (SSHRC CGSM). Meanwhile, Dean Carcone received an NSERC CGSN, an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the prestigious Mackenzie King Open Scholarship. 

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