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Biological Sciences: 2007 Fall Seminar Series

The Department of Biological Sciences

invites students, faculty and staff to the

2007 Fall Seminar Series

Lectures take place in Room H215 on FRIDAYS from 12:00 Noon - 1:00pm

September 21 - Maydianne Andrade,Department of Biological Sciences, UTSC

"Sexual selection and the evolution of extreme reproductive strategies"

Host: Nate Lovejoy

September 28 - Tony Harris,Department of Cell & Systems Biology, U of T

"Tissue morphogenesis: Interplay between cell adhesion, polarity and the cytoskeleton"

Host: Dan Riggs

October 5 - Bruce Carlson, Department of Biology, Washington University

"Probing the Physiology of Perception in Electric Fish: From Stimulus Encoding to Combination Sensitivity"

Hosts: Andrew Mason/Maydianne Andrade

October 12  - Stephen Wright, Biology Department, York University

"Natural selection mapping in plant genomes"

Host: Dan Riggs

October 19 - Marc Coppolino, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Guelph

"The role of SNARE-mediated membrane traffic in cell adhesion and migration"

Host: Mauricio Terebiznik

October 26 - Peter Kotanen, Biology Department, UTM

"Darwin's naturalization hypothesis and the enemy release theory of plant invasions"

Host: Herbert Kronzucker

**November seminar series: to be replaced by seminars by candidates for the biochemistry and community ecology faculty positions

November 30 - Ashley Bruce, Department of Cell & Systems Biology, U of T

"Patterning the front and back of the Zebrafish embryo"

Host: Ian Brown

December 7 - Conrad Pilditch, Department of Biology, University of Waikato, New Zealand

"Benthic Ecosystems Beneath the Subtropical Convergence East of New Zealand"

Host: Dudley Willimas

December 14 - Elizabeth Tillier, Ontario Cancer Institute

Title: TBA

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