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Professor William Gough named UTSC Interim Vice-Principal (Academic) and Dean

William Gough, a professor of Environmental Science and Director of the Climate Lab, has been named Interim Vice-Principal (Academic) and Dean for U of T Scarborough. (Photo by Ken Jones)

The University of Toronto has named Professor William Gough, a professor of Environmental Science and Director of the Climate Lab, as Interim Vice-Principal (Academic) and Dean, U of T Scarborough, for a one-year period effective September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016, or until the appointment of a new Dean, whichever is earlier. Professor Gough has a wealth of experience in the dean’s office, having served UTSC as Vice-Dean Graduate Education and Program Development and most recently as Vice-Dean Faculty.

“I am extremely grateful to Professor Gough for taking on this role,” says U of T Vice-President and Principal, UTSC Professor Bruce Kidd. “He will bring strong leadership to the academic program and the entire campus.”

As Vice-Dean Graduate Education and Program Development, Gough assisted in bringing the first UTSC-based doctoral program to the campus, which focused on Environmental Science, later followed by the Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. He was also instrumental in developing combined programs that link UTSC undergraduate programs to professional Masters programs based at the St. George campus. Gough has also served as Chair and Graduate Chair of the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Geography

His guiding strength is also evidenced by his engagement in university governance, having served as UTSC’s inaugural Campus Council Chair, as Chair of UTSC Council from 2002 to 2006, as a Faculty Governor on U of T Governing Council and Chair of the Election Committee, and as a member of the Task Force on Governance, which recommended changes to allow for more autonomous decision-making at UTSC and UTM.

“Professor Gough is highly respected in the University community and brings a wealth of administrative and governance experience,” says U of T Vice-President and Provost Professor Cheryl Regehr. “He has consistently demonstrated his ability to develop outstanding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and collaborative research. UTSC will benefit from his excellent organizational and leadership skills.”

After completing his Masters in Atmospheric Physics at U of T, Gough undertook doctoral studies in climate-related ocean modeling studies at McGill University. He worked briefly for Environment Canada before joining the U of T faculty in 1993. Since then he and his students have examined aspects of climate change, focusing on climate change detection and potential impacts in the eastern Arctic, southwestern Ontario and Toronto.

Professor Gough is also an adjunct professor of Northwest University in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China where the Centre for Climate Change Research, a partnership between the two universities, is located. The Centre brings together researchers from both institutions to study ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as how we can adapt to change that is already underway.

His many honours and recognitions include the UTSC Faculty Teaching Award, the SCSU Teaching Award, and the Canadian Association of Geographers Excellence in Teaching Award. His strong commitment to mentoring graduate students was also recognized by the Canadian Association of Geography, Ontario Division, with the Service to Geography Award.

More information about the formal search for the Vice-Principal (Academic) and Dean will be announced shortly.

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