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FALL PSYCHOLOGY SERIES: Research Talks by Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

Experience research in psychology through talks by Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada.

Everyone is welcome - All lectures are free!  Lectures will be offered on THURSDAYS from 3-5pm in the Sciences Seminar Room - SW403.

Thursday October 4th: Daphne Maurer FRSC

Missing Sights: Consequences for Perceptual Development

We can assist some aspects of infant vision - but only some - to accelerate development after an initial loss.

Thursday, October 11th: Morris Moscovitch FRSC

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Remote Memory and Its Uses

Remote memory is part of a 3-way memory system: posterior neocortical memory without awareness, medial-temporal memory with awareness and frontal neocortical memory-strategy system.

Thursday, October 25th: Alison Fleming FRSC

Plasticity in the Maternal Circuit: Experience, Dopamine and Mothering

Mother rats have elaborate patterns of maternal behaviours, controlled by sensory factors, experience and hormones.

Thursday, November 8th: Ronald de Sousa FRSC

Evolution and Rationality

Natural selection mimics rationality, and rationality is a product of natural selection.  Language formulates many values, often conflicting.

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