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Pan Am Volunteer: Angela Jiang

Angela Jiang (B.Sc., 2011) is an alum and staff member at U of T Scarborough.

U of T Scarborough is not only one of the major hosts for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Parapan American Games, we also have active alumni, students, faculty and staff who are volunteering at venues across the region. Over the course of the Games, we’ll feature some of these volunteers and what they’re doing to help. Today we feature Angela Jiang, (B.Sc., 2011) an alum and now a staff member at UTSC.

How long have you been with UTSC?

Eight years. I came to UTSC as an international student in 2007 and graduated in June 2011. Since then, I have been working in different departments at UTSC: Academic Advising & Career Centre, Department of Biological Sciences and now the Office of the Registrar as the Examinations Coordinator. My career role has been changing in the past four years but I’ve never left UTSC because I love this campus!

What is your involvement with the Pan Am & Parapan American Games?

I volunteer at the Uniform Distribution & Accreditation Centre (UDAC). I work with a team of vigorous people who have travelled with the big sport games all over the world. Wherever the game goes, they follow and contribute themselves to be part of the game. At UDAC, we serve all the 23,000-plus volunteers and staff members to make sure they get accredited and receive their best-fit uniforms. A procedure of check-in, photography, accreditation, fitting room, collection, and check-out is clearly laid out with signage to avoid confusion. And every volunteer is willing to help at any point.

As the games near, what has it been like on campus and in the community?

Our campus and the community will be full of energies and excitement. The popular games, such as swimming, diving, tennis, will attract people from other cities in Canada, US, Mexico, and all over the world to visit TPASC and UTSC and share their cheerfulness and enthusiasm with each other.

What do you think of the new Pan Am facilities at UTSC?

Fabulous! Though I do not volunteer at TPASC, I’ve been there many times. The design of the facilities is very smart and considerate for both athletics and the audiences. The audience could clearly see the water flow and every movement of the athletes without binoculars. I am so happy to see such great facilities were built on our campus!

What are you most excited about?

UTSC of course! UTSC is like my second home since I came to Canada. I am very proud that UTSC is part of this large event. It's actually quite emotional to see your home showcased to the world. It’s not the same feeling as when you study or work here. You feel proud. U of T has its reputation throughout the world and UTSC shows its uniqueness in a dynamic way.

How will these new facilities affect UTSC now and in the future?

The faculty, staff, students and the community are the first group of people that benefit from the new facilities since last year when TPASC opened. Now with the Pan Am Games and Parapan Am Games, the athletics and audiences are benefiting. And it attracts high volumes of people to visit UTSC, making our campus more appealing and well-known with its unique facilities. In the long run, UTSC will grow in reputation. And I believe more and more people would like to study and work at UTSC and be proud to be part of the amazing community like I am.

Why did you get involved?

It’s really exciting! The 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games has the largest scale among the games that Canada has ever hosted. It would be such a pity not being involved. I love to meet people from different backgrounds and different nationalities, exchanging stories and enthusiasm about the games. Everyone likes to share and is willing to help—building a very united and welcoming environment. In addition, my second home—UTSC has been part of this large game. As I have said, UTSC makes me feel proud and I want to make UTSC feel proud of me too.

Why is volunteering important to you?

Some people say why volunteering as you get nothing back—no money and waste of time. I don’t look at volunteering in this way. Actually you gain a lot more than you could imagine. Volunteering brings people together. It allows me to expand my network and strengthen my teamwork skills as I get to know new people every time I volunteer. Sometimes, it may help me know myself better, promote self-esteem and even discover my hidden talents. What’s more, it is a great chance for me to give back to the community, the city, and the country that I love. I enjoy helping people and their smiles afterwards worth everything.



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