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Pan Am Volunteer: Raymond Macaraeg

Raymond Macaraeg (B.Sc., 1997) is working as a medical practitioner in the Athlete's Village.

U of T Scarborough is not only one of the major hosts for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Parapan American Games, we also have active alumni, students, faculty and staff who are volunteering at venues across the region. Over the course of the Games, we’ll feature some of these volunteers and what they’re doing to help. Today we feature alum Raymond Macaraeg, (B.Sc., 1997), who also holds a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate from the St. George Campus. 


What will be your role(s) during the games?

I am providing emergency medical services to the Pan Am/Parapan American Games athletes as a medical practitioner.

Where will you be stationed?

I’m working at the CIBC Athlete’s Village.

What do you think of the new Pan Am facilities at UTSC?

The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre can be described using many adjectives such as first-class, magnificent, exceptional and outstanding to name a few! Seeing this facility makes me wish I lived close to the Scarborough Campus again so I can make use of this awesome training facility. The new training facility makes me proud even more to say that I’m a graduate of Scarborough Campus!

What are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about my beloved City of Toronto being the host of an international sporting event that will attract world-class athletes from Pan America. I’m also excited about showing the rest of the world that Toronto is capable of hosting the biggest international sporting competition in Canada’s history similar to other first-class cities such as London, Barcelona and Paris.

What do you think the games will do for UTSC?

The Pan Am/Parapan Am Games will elevate UTSC’s status as a world-class training facility for world-class athletes and to enable the same athletes to compete around the world at the highest level of competition in their respective sports. These new facilities will provide world-class athletes the facilities they need to remain competitive. The Pan/Parapan Am Games will also demonstrate to the world that UTSC is not only a breeding ground for academic excellence but for athletic superiority.

Why did you get involved?

I’m involved with these games because it is an opportunity to contribute my professional skills, knowledge and judgement as a nurse practitioner to dedicated Canadian athletes (and other athletes from Pan America) who give so much of their own time to represent their countries. In essence, I’m dedicating myself professionally to those who sacrifice so much to achieve their best in any given sport.

Why is volunteering important to you?

We hear the old cliché of wanting to give back as the reason for volunteering. For me, this is a given. In addition to this, volunteering is another opportunity to expand one’s network and align ourselves with organizations and communities with common goals and interests. In my personal opinion, volunteering is an under-utilized opportunity for individuals and groups to generate new personal and professional prospects while striving to achieve the goals and objectives set out by the benefitting organization.


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