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Pan Am Volunteer: Zhewei He

Zhewei He

U of T Scarborough is not only one of the major hosts for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Parapan American Games, we also have active alumni, students, faculty and staff who are volunteering at venues across the region. Over the course of the Games, we’ll feature some of these volunteers and what they’re doing to help. Today we feature Zhewei He, a third-year management student.

What has the excitement been like among student body on and off campus?

Students are excited about this event since this will be the largest event that UTSC ever holds. Particularly for sport lovers, they are looking forward to seeing the athletes from different regions and the remarkable achievements that the athletes will make. 

What do you think the games will do for UTSC?

I think the games will enhance the awareness and reputation of UTSC as more people are aware of this wonderful event with different kinds of promotions covered all over the city. For those that are participating and coming to see the games, they will be given a chance to visit our beautiful campus.

What do you think of the new Pan Am facilities at UTSC?

I think the new Pan Am facilities at UTSC are the best among three campuses. It can be considered as a landmark for UTSC campus. All the facilities are brand new and modern, in which it is beneficial for students to pick up any sports they want and to keep fit.

Why did you get involved?

As one of UTSC's students, I want to contribute my efforts to support my school to make it a better place. That is also why I’ve been involved in other volunteer activities on campus. In addition, holding such gorgeous event will be a milestone for UTSC.  I’m so passionate about the games as well as being one of the volunteer members.

What are you most excited about?

I am excited about meeting the athletes and people from different regions. As a UTSC student, this will be a remarkable experience for me to see and participate in this event.


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