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UTSC recognizes its distinguished contributors

Basir Mehran celebrates both his retirement and 25 years of service at UTSC along with Principal Bruce Kidd (centre) and Jim Derezis, Director of Facilities Management. (photo by Sayada Nabi)

Wine, laughter and cheer filled the gardens of the Miller Lash House as the U of T Scarborough community celebrated the achievements of its distinguished members. More than 400 joined the celebration to recognize recipients of the 2015 Prinicipal’s Awards, retirees, and staff and faculty who have served for 25 years.  

Marc Cadotte (Biological Sciences), Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz, (Physical and Environmental Sciences) and Michael Inzlicht (Psychology), can add further accolades to their long list of achievements, as each of them won a Principal’s Research Award for their work in their respective fields of study.

Three graduate students, Wilfred de Vega (Cell and Systems Biology), Achala H.Rodrigo (Clinical Psychology) and Gregory E. Williams (Psychology) also received Research Awards. Vega received the Doctoral-Level Research Award for his work looking into DNA methylation modifications associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Rodrigo and Williams, Masters-Level Research Award winners, are both working to advance understanding of the human mind specifically in the area of personality disorders.

The Patrick Phillips Award for Staff Service was awarded to Janet Blakely, an undergraduate assistant in the Department of Physical and Environmental Science. The award is given annually to a staff member who displays competence, commitment, courtesy and concern for others routinely; who without fanfare or self-promotion, contributes daily to the success of the campus.

On a more somber note the ceremony marked the passing of William (Bill) Nicholson, who this year marked 25 years of service to UTSC in the Academic Workshop. Known as an excellent problem solver who was always prepared for new challenges, he passed away May 22.

Eight others were honored for their 25 years. For Basir Mehran of Facilities Management, it was a double celebration as he was celebrating both his 25-year milestone and his retirement. He made his way to the front to accept his award, in a crisp white shirt with a big smile on his face.

Below is the list of award recipients


Mohamed Alli
Trajce Dolevski
Gwendolyn Ivy
Krystyna Kiru
Alice Leung
Patricia McKenna
Basir Mehran
Elizabeth Peek
Robert Pryslak
Lawrence (Larry) Ringer
Ronald Smyth
David Steele

25 Years of Service

Sandford Borins
Nick Cheng
Susan Dyson
Franca Iacovetta
Basir Mehran
Sonia Sedivy
Paulo Sperdako
Randy Thomas 

Principal’s Award - Graduate T.A. Teaching Award

Ada Le

Principal’s Award - Faculty Teaching Award

Wanda Restivo
Sisi Tran 

Principal’s Award - D.R. Campbell Merit Award

Academic Integrity Matters Team
Eleanor Irwin
Shehna Javeed
Heather-Lynne Meacock
Sheryl Stevenson
Joanna Ying-Fiss

Rashi Gupta

Principal’s Award - Patrick Phillips Award for Staff Service

Janet Blakely

Chancellor’s Nominees

Lesley Lewis
Frances Wdowczyk

Research Awards

Wilfred de Vega
Achala H. Rodrigo
Gregory E. Williams
Marc Cadotte
Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz
Michael Inzlicht

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