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U of T Scarborough joins in nationwide festival of science

UTSC Professor Maydianne Andrade will have a black widow spider display at the Toronto Zoo on Saturday, May 8 as part of the nationwide event Science Rendezvous. (Photo by Ken Jones)

U of T Scarborough is teaming up with the Toronto Zoo to take participants on a fascinating journey through the world of science.

This year UTSC will be participating in two Science Rendezvous events at the Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) on May 9. 

Science Rendezvous is a nationwide festival of science started in 2008 that has grown to include more than 3,000 volunteers doing science activities at more than 300 sites across Canada. The event aims to engage the public and promote science through fun, family-friendly activities.

“I study spiders and one of the great things about Science Rendezvous is watching people shift from repulsion to curiosity to interest,” says UTSC Professor Maydianne Andrade, an expert in arachnid behaviour. 

“It's often the kids who drag their parents to our table, but then it's the parents who end up asking the most questions!”

Andrade will be set up outside the Americas pavilion with black widow spider displays and activities. She says there will also be insects near her booth, but used mostly as food … for the spiders that is.

UTSC Professor Ken Welch will be demonstrating the high-speed life of hummingbirds, graduate student Michael Reid will explore preservation efforts on wild orangutans while graduate student Maya Sonnenschein Faccio will explore bird biodiversity in the Amazon.

There will also be activity stations on birds, apes, insects, polar bears and more. Meanwhile, scientists and athletes will demonstrate the science behind healthy bodies at TPASC.

For more information about Science Rendezvous events at the zoo and TPASC click here.  

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