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President calls for input on Towards 2030 Task Forces

The University of Toronto is approaching its bicentennial in 2027, which will mark two hundred years of educational distinction in Canada and amongst its international peers. As this anniversary approaches, strategic discussion is underway to determine how U of T will reach beyond our current level of excellence.

The Towards 2030 initiative will engage the university community and other interested individuals and groups in U of T’s long-term strategic directions. The next stage of this process is now underway, and President David Naylor has announced a call for recommendations on Towards 2030 task force areas of focus, as well as a call for nominations for members of these task forces.

The task forces will have short timelines, and will examine long-term strategic options and broad objectives, rather than immediate issues or detailed university operations. While focusing on a specific mandate, each task force should coordinate with others, although the President has recommended limiting the number of task forces to a manageable level, to maintain efficiency.

At the same time, Naylor has suggested that each task force involve no more than nine members, each of whom must be willing to free up a meaningful number of hours each week for this work. Naylor recommends that the members represent a wide range of backgrounds, but should share a university-wide perspective on issues and expertise in the area of focus. This may include past and present Governing Council members, long-serving faculty and staff, and prominent alumni with relevant work and life experience.

The deadline for comments on task force mandates or nominations of potential task force members is Sept. 20, 2007. Task forces will begin their deliberations on Oct. 1, 2007 and report back to Naylor early in 2008. Both recommendations for task force areas of focus, and task force membership should be directed to or to:

Office of the President

Attention: Towards 2030 Secretariat

Room 206, Simcoe Hall

University of Toronto

Toronto ON M5S 1A1

Telephone: 416.978.4163

Fax: 416.971.1360

For more information on the Towards 2030 initiative, please visit:

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