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IDS Consulting Case Competition


The International Development Studies Students’ Association (IDSSA) is excited to present the International Development Consulting Case Competition 2015, which will be taking place February 4, 2015, 5-7PM, Location TBA. This competition was created for students to apply their critical and creative thinking skills to practical challenges of development projects, and the struggles faced by international development organizations. Students will also compete for the chance to win a CASH PRIZE. The following is a set of instructions for the case competition. 

Part I- Registration

Participants must compete in a group of 2-3 people. To register, you must complete the registration form below, where you will indicate your partners. If you are interested in competing and cannot find a group, IDSSA will place you in a team.

Once you have completed this form, you will be contacted by IDSSA to submit your $5 (cash only) registration fee. All fees will be entered into a cash pool, which the winning team will receive as 1st place prize.

Registration DEADLINE: Jan 28. 2015 at 11:59PM.

Click here to register:

Part II- Preparation

Once fully registered, participants will receive a case study, a preparation guideline, helpful resources, and an evaluation rubric via email. The scenario will detail issues and concerns faced by an international development NGO, which may include funding, donor-recipient relations, ethical issues, accountability, etc. After reading the scenario, participants are expected to do supplemental research that is not enlisted in the preparation guideline. The guideline will help the participants break down the scenario step by step. 

The cases will be released on Jan 29 at 9 AM. You will be given 1 week to plan, analyze, and prepare for the case (Jan 29- Feb 4). The presentation should be approximately 10 minutes, and can be delivered with visual aids such as a powerpoint, prezi, or a poster. The order for the presentations will be announced via email, the day prior to the competition. 

Please note that participants cannot withdraw from the case competition once they have signed up on the registration form. If a participant would like to formally withdraw from the competition, they must provide a valid reason along with accompanying documentation. 

Part III- Presentation

The presentation date is February 4th 2015 from 5-7pm (room TBA). Participants are expected to arrive 10 minutes early to pre-download their powerpoint or prezi files and will take turns delivering their presentations. Presentations will be assessed and graded by a panel consisting of an NGO representative, professor, and a senior student in the IDS program. There is no right or wrong response to a case study scenario, and teams are encouraged to be creative. 

After the presentations, light refreshments will be served, followed by the announcement of evaluation results and the first place award.

Students should consider wearing business attire.

Part IV- Awards and Recognition

All teams present at the case competition will receive a participation certificate. The winning team will receive a cash prize, the sum of which will be determined when registration closes Jan 28, 2015.

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