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Positive Women: Exposing Injustice

Film Screening and Panel Dialogue

What happens if a woman does not disclose her HIV-positive status to a sexual partner? How does criminalization shape the lives of HIV-positive women in Canada? Does the law actually protect women and their health? How do women feel about their experience with the criminal law with respect to HIV non-disclosure?

Women’s voices have rarely been heard on these important societal issues. This documentary film takes the audience into the hearts and minds of four HIV-positive women in Canada who bravely accept to speak about these complex issues.

After the screening of this film, panelists will explore the ntersections between gender, ethnicity, sexual practice, positive HIV status, HIV disclosure and non-disclosure, the use of criminal law in Canada, stigmatization, discrimination, narrative approaches, and the use of documentary film for advancing social justice and public education.

All welcome!

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