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UTSC’s dedicated volunteers honoured at Arbor Awards

From left UTSC Executive Director of Advancement Georgette Zinaty (holding a picture of First Classes member Maureen Somerville), Janice Sierakowski, U of T President Meric Gertler, Stefan Sierakowski, Stephanie Geddes, Bruce Geddes.

When someone donates their time to something meaningful, it can often be worth more than any dollar value. With that in mind, U of T honoured its volunteers, including 13 from UTSC, last week at the annual Arbor Awards.

The Arbor Awards, held every year at the U of T President’s official residence, recognize contributions to the University from those who have made a positive difference in the quality of experience for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

This year’s recipients included the members of the UTSC First Classes, a group of alumni representing the first students to study at what was then Scarborough College. The members of this group are actively engaged with UTSC and dedicate their time to working with the UTSC Alumni Association and in U of T governance roles. The recipients are Bruce and Stephanie Geddes (both BA, 1968), Vito (BSc, 1971) and Rae Marie Ierullo, Stefan (BA, 1968) and Janice Sierakowski (BA, 1969), and Maureen Somerville (BA, 1969).

Others honoured with Arbor Awards included Tom Billinger, a volunteer hockey coach for 20 years; Brian Chang (BA, 2009), for his work establishing a community and alumni choir; Dennis Liu (BSc, 1998), for his contributions to athletics at UTSC; Anthony Nembhard (BA, 1998), who has volunteered for 15 years as an intramural basketball coach and mentor; Vishnu Ramcharan, for his dedication to helping guide and support co-op students; and Frank Salmonds (BA, 1993), who has devoted his time as a UTSC hockey mentor and coach.

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