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C3 (Conversation. Culture. Community) Session: Too Much Information


The ISC’s Conversation, Culture and Community (C3) Team presents “Too Much Information” part 2 for the month of September.

During the first few weeks of school you may have heard several terms, phrases or words that had you wondering. In addition, you may have observed several differences within your new surroundings. This session will introduce you to slangs, idioms and common Canadian English phrases. Our interactive games will have you practicing conversational English with fellow C3 participants and facilitators. This session is recommended for reinforcing the materials you have/will be learning during your future one-on-one sessions.

Date: Wednesday, September 24

Time: 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Location: IC-120

Space is limited… please sign up on CLN! Login to CLN ( on your web-browser, then click the following link:

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