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Arora roars out of the gate

Shan Arora

Shan Arora is heading from U of T Scarborough to U of T Law School with two major awards in his pocket.

Arora, who is graduating with an honours bachelor of science degree, a double major in economics and mental health studies and a minor in French, is the recipient of the John Black Aird Scholarship for the top student at all three U of T campuses, as well as a Governor General’s Silver Medal for his standing as one of the university’s most academically outstanding graduates.

“I knew objectively that I’d done well, but I wasn’t expecting to hear that I was first overall,” said Arora, who earned a 4.0 average at UTSC. “When I got the call, my mom was so happy for me, she was crying.”

Arora chose UTSC over Trinity College four years ago and is happy with his decision.

“It was a really good transition from high school, because it’s small, so you do see the same people in the halls,” he said. “It’s a close-knit community.

“Commuting downtown and large classes, plus the difficulty of university material, would have been daunting. It made learning easier, because I had more time and more supports to focus on it.”

Luckily, the larger St. George campus no longer unnerves him, because this fall, he’ll be enrolled there in a joint, three-year program that will yield both a law degree and a master’s degree in economics.

In the interim, this powerhouse student has other activities to keep him busy.  Arora will be working as a teaching assistant for two UTSC economics courses this summer and joining a Governing tribunal that adjudicates academic grievances. He and Professor Elizabeth Dhuey have co-authored a research article for publication, and as president of the Ontario Young Liberals in Oak Ridges-Markham, Arora is also engaged in convincing other young adults that political engagement is important.

It’s quite a resume for a new graduate; if this is a sample of his talents, Arora’s future looks bright.

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