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UTSC serves up a winner on the courts and in the classroom

Anna Sullivan

Giving youngsters lessons in wheelchair tennis on the U of T Scarborough tennis courts is time that Anna Sullivan calls “my favourite part of the week.”

“Both the kids and the adults in the wheelchair tennis program are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet,” Sullivan said, warning that she can talk for hours about this Paralympic sport.

“Tennis has been my sport forever,” said Sullivan, who is graduating from UTSC in June with a double major in English and philosophy. She has been coaching on campus since the community program began three years ago, and she also coached local underprivileged youth as part of a tennis program funded by the Norrington Foundation.

Sullivan’s love for the sport has also led to the opportunity to work with Scott McRoberts, the UTSC athletic and recreation director, in preparing for the 2015 Pan Am Games. She is currently part of the sports organizing committee for Paralympic wheelchair tennis.

Although she lives a short walk from UTSC, Sullivan spent her first two years at U of T commuting to the St. George campus. After taking an English class with Sonja Nikkila, a lecturer who teaches mainly at UTSC, she decided to transfer.

She said the inspiration and encouragement she received from the UTSC English department has led her to pursue her master’s degree in English this fall, and Sullivan is debating about which program to choose. Her literary passions include Victorian literature, Gothic literature and film adaptations of horror novels.

“I’m so happy to do another year of thinking, writing and talking about literature before I have to worry about going out and getting paid,” she said. “I feel really lucky.”

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