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Passion for both teaching and sports fuels graduate

Trevor Carozza

Trevor Carozza will cross the Convocation Hall stage twice this June: once with his U of T Scarborough classmates to receive a BA degree in French, and later, with his classmates from the concurrent teacher education program to collect his B.Ed.

“I’m really happy I did the concurrent teacher education program, because I knew the path I’d be taking and there were a lot of teachers that helped to mould me over time,” Carozza said. “And if my first two practicums are any indication, teaching is what I was meant to do. It is really, really rewarding.”

Of course, Carozza began teaching hockey long before he turned his hand to the classroom and French, and he built a roster of clients who wanted help in goal-tending. By attending UTSC, which is close to his Toronto home, he was also able to coach his high school hockey team, as well as do some volunteer teaching.

 “The prestige around U of T also played a role in my decision,” he said. “It’s such a great school with an illustrious history.”

At UTSC, Carozza pursued his passion for teaching in the classroom and his passion for sports after class. He not only played hockey for the school; he also branched out into sports administration, serving on the executive of the Scarborough Campus Hockey Players Association and the Scarborough Campus Athletic Association, as well as on the campus’ athletic advising committee the next year.

As he looks for a job as a French teacher for the fall, Carozza hopes he can continue to participate in both academics and athletics and promote them to his students.

“There are a lot of things you learn playing sports that are more difficult to teach in a classroom, things like leadership and teamwork,” he said.

“I hope I can combine my two passions.”

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