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Local Volunteers Honoured for Commitment to UTSC

Toronto, ON-- Five of the University of Toronto at Scarborough’s (UTSC) top volunteers were honoured September 4, 2003 at the University of Toronto’s (U of T) 14th annual Arbor Awards.

The Arbor Award was established in 1989 to recognize alumni volunteers for outstanding personal service to the university over a number of years. In recent years the award has been extended to include friends of the university and non-alumni whose volunteer efforts on behalf of U of T also deserve recognition. Sponsored by the Division of University Advancement, the awards ceremony takes place each September at the president's official residence at 93 Highland Avenue.

“This year’s recipients have all been a tremendous asset to the University”, says Maria Dyck, Associate Principal, Advancement at UTSC, “through their volunteer service and contributions at UTSC they have not only given to the campus, but also to Scarborough by helping to improve the profile of our community.”

The 2003 recipients include:

John O’Donohue

A guest lecturer, former president of the UTSC Students’ Council, and strong supporter of the campus’s co-op programs and capital campaign, O’Donohue has made himself a familiar face at campus events and activities. During one of the most dynamic and important periods in the campus’s history O’Donohue has constantly provided input and support of the campus’s many projects.

Tom Enright

A member of the Principal’s Alumni Advisory Council, guest speaker at numerous UTSC events and one of the most committed participants in UTSC’s Mentorship Program, Enright has taken an active role in the development of young management students. He works to foster stronger ties between the alumni community and student body and has become one of the most sought-after mentors in the program.

George Goldsmith

A key supporter of the renovations that have returned the historic Miller Lash House in the Highland Creek Valley to its former glory, Goldsmith has proven himself an invaluable part of the alumni community at UTSC. In addition to serving as a professional advisor to UTSC’s Principal, Goldsmith continually displays a willingness to support the campus in any way he can.

Doris McCarthy

One of Canada’s most respected artists, Doris McCarthy is among UTSC’s most visible and vocal supporters. Her contribution to Canadian art is substantial, and her contributions to the campus are equally impressive. Doris is one of UTSC’s “Great Minds”, a supporter of the Leigha Lee Browne Theatre, and a driving force in the development of the campuses new art gallery that will bear her name.

Eric Purdy

Owner of “Purdy’s Restaurant and Pub” in the West Hill Village, Eric Purdy has a strong connection with UTSC’s students, generously hosting countless student activities at his restaurant and pub. Eric is a strong supporter of UTSC’s athletic program, travelling to various tournaments and games across Ontario to cheer on the UTSC ‘Maroons’ intramural soccer team. He also demonstrates his support and commitment to the UTSC community by attending many university functions.

The five local honourees were among 89 volunteers honoured for their contributions to the University of Toronto.

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