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Student group spurs more national championships

It’s no coincidence that UTSC students in Management and Economics have been winning major national competitions. A student-led initiative was created to achieve just these kinds of victories.

“At the beginning, we promised the department we would help students win at least three competitions,” says Jaymon Hung, co-founder of the Talent And Growth (TAG) initiative. “It’s been more, and we are so happy for that.”

Thanks to TAG, students in the Department of Management at the University of Toronto Scarborough have been winners in a series of competitions against their colleagues from other institutions. For example:

- First place in LIVE out of 150 students, General Business Competition (November 2013)
- First place in University of Toronto Consulting Competition (UTSG) out of 56 students, Management Consulting Competition (January 2014)
- First place in DECA’s advertising competition, Provincial (January 2014)
- Second place in SMG (UTM) out of 100 students, Environmental Consulting Competition (March 2014)
- Third place in Focus 2040 (McMaster), Human Resources Competition (March 2014)
- Fifth place in Fast Paced to the Case (McMaster) out of 150 students, Accounting Case Competition (March 2014)

Hung, a third-place finisher at the 2011 LIVE Business Conference competition and currently a fourth-year Business Administration student here at UTSC, teamed up with his colleague Ricky Luo to start up TAG last year in March. They initially thought of it as an extracurricular activity that would help build a stronger reputation and increase student communication. They submitted a proposal to the department for funding, and it was accepted.

Now TAG is run by a group of 10 students, some of whom also have roles in the Management and Economics Students Association (MESA). In the process of preparing students for competitions, the group helps them work on their communication and presentation skills. They then bring in professors to coach students in an area of business (marketing, human resources, finance and accounting) and help them better analyse cases. After that, alumni members conduct case simulations, bringing real industry perspectives.

“We just want to help other students represent the school well and help themselves improve their presentation skills,” says Luo, who also won the 2013 LIVE competition and DECA in 2011.

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