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March is Choosing Your Program Month at UTSC!

Students who find a program of study that ignites their passion for learning are well positioned to achieve their best potential.  At UTSC, we are working together with faculty and staff to support our undecided students in making this happen.

Throughout the month of March, the Academic Advising & Career Center (AA&CC) is collaborating with our campus colleagues to offer our annual Choosing Your Program Month. This is the perfect opportunity for students to learn more about the academic programs that UTSC has to offer. Students will attend a variety of activities and events such as: Program Information Sessions, Department/Program Open Houses, tables in the Meeting Place and online chat sessions.  This range of programming is designed to foster dialogue, engage students in making positive connections, and strengthen their knowledge and confidence in making great program choices.  Last year’s Choosing Your Program Month included 31 events and reached over 1685 students.  The wonderful collaborations and generous participation of UTSC faculty have been essential in the growing success of the program and we look forward to everyone’s engagement again this year!

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