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New stream to build students’ entrepreneurial skills

Department of Management Chair David Zweig (photo by Ken Jones)

Richard Branson recently said that 2014 would be the year of the entrepreneur. If he’s right, UTSC is ready to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In September, UTSC’s Department of Management will welcome the first students into its new entrepreneurship stream. The new stream will offer a suite of courses educating students on how to generate and develop new business ideas, create and manage firms and secure capital funding among other critical skills.

Management Chair David Zweig says the department polled students and discovered a strong interest in more courses in entrepreneurship. And many UTSC alumni have proved to be successful entrepreneurs, often with the help of management faculty members.

“Basically we are responding to the needs of our students so we can provide them with the education necessary should they choose to go ahead and pursue entrepreneurship careers,” he says.

Students who follow the entrepreneurship stream will take a number of unique courses in addition to the prerequisite courses for all management students. The new courses will focus on venture capital, how to obtain a capital funding for their projects, how to negotiate agreements, and how to raise funds for their ideas and initiatives. In the fourth year, entrepreneurship students will be required to develop a detailed business plan and present it to a panel of experts and will also work on the development of their ideas.

“We have a core set of faculty who focus not only on teaching entrepreneurial courses but also doing research in the area,” says Zweig. “We are very excited about the opportunity to help our students pursue their entrepreneurial initiatives.”

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