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Accounting made easy: CGA Ontario sponsors prep course for management students

New students entering the management program at University of Toronto Scarborough this fall are getting help from the Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario (CGA Ontario) this summer.

The accounting preparedness course for first year management students is being offered free of charge to the first 50 students who apply.  Running from July 23 to July 27, the intensive course will include lessons with an accounting instructor and individual work with a teaching assistant. Business writing workshops are also part of this unique pilot course.

The course is being offered to enhance the student experience, since many students find first year accounting courses challenging, especially those who never took accounting in high school.

Accounting is one stream of study in the management program and an increasingly popular career choice for many U of T Scarborough students.  The summer course provides a strong foundation for accounting studies.

Students are introduced to accounting terminology, basic accounting principles, their function within an enterprise and the complete accounting cycle.  Students will learn how to record business transactions, prepare financial statements and analyze financial statements.  They will also learn how to write memos and reports.

The non-credit course is being made available to new U of T Scarborough management students only.   CGA Ontario agreed to sponsor the course after being contacted by Dr. Liang Chen, a lecturer in the management program.

“We want our students to succeed and are always looking for ways to help them do their best.  CGA Ontario was an enthusiastic supporter of our goal,” Chen, a certified general accountant, said.  More information is available at: or


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