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New Frontiers Seminar Series - Professor Thomas Lemieux

Location:  AA160


All are welcome to attend the New Frontiers Seminar given by Professor Thomas Lemieux on “Income Inequality in Canada and Abroad”.

Thomas Lemieux is a Professor at the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia. Most of his recent research revolves around the study of labour markets and wage inequality in Canada and other countries. He is also interested in econometric methods used to analyze the earnings distribution and regression discontinuity designs.

Abstract: The growth in income inequality and in the concentration of income among the top 1 percent has attracted a lot of attention in media and policy circles in recent years. The presentation will start with an overview of the key trends in inequality in Canada and abroad, followed by a discussion of possible explanations for these dramatic developments. Policy options for reducing - or slowing the growth of - inequality will also be discussed, including taxation and transfers, education policies, and labour market interventions.

Refreshments provided.


The New Frontier Seminar Series is hosted by the Graduate Students' Association at Scarborough (GSAS) and sponsored by the Office of the Vice-Principal Research. The series showcases cutting edge research from the University of Toronto Scarborough, while highlighting new discoveries from leading researchers in North America.


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