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The Centre for French and Linguistics presents: 1st Undergraduate Linguistics Conference


1st UTSC Undergraduate Conference in Linguistics:

November 15, 2013 (IC318)

Conference programme

9:45-10:10: Welcome & breakfast



Session 1: Sociolinguistics


Vidya David

A Comparative Study of the Relationship between French Atlantic and Indian Ocean Creoles



Erin Duncan
Informality and Perceptions


Marya Ghayas Ahmad

L’usage des langues maternelles indo-aryennes a Toronto



Jennifer Scanlon

Preteen language and the internet


11:30-11:40: Coffee break


Session 2: Syntax


Alan Tran & Joshua Pratt

An examination of Wh-movement in Western Armenian



Vivelle Yearwood, Vicky Chong & Juvénal Ndayiragije

Is there a DP in Cantonese?



12:20-14:00: Lunch Break


Session 3: Acquisition


Bhairvi Lakhani, Cindy Yee & Rena Helms-Park

Cognate Facilitation in Yes-No (Lexical Decision) Tests



Kirsten McCann, Joshua Pratt & Rena Helms-Park
How Reading Miscues Reveal L2 Learners’ Word Associations and Word Recognition Strategies


Session 4: Phonology


Alan Tran
Online adaptations of English and French loanwords into the Vietnamese language


15:00-15:10: Coffee break


Session 5: Applied Linguistics


Nicole Najda
Aphasic to Aphasic Interaction



Helen Xiaoyan Wu & Vivelle Yearwood

The Pros and Cons of the Two Chinese Script Systems

and Their Implications in Teaching 



15:50-16:35: Keynote speaker

Philip J. Monahan

Identifying linguistic pieces in the brain: how the brain can inform us about the language and what language tells us about the brain


16:45-17:00: Certificate ceremony


17:00-18:00: Reception


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