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CBC’s Matt Galloway praises UTSC-KGO ‘true example of partnership’

CBC's Matt Galloway praised the partnership between UTSC and KGO communities at the annual Community Connections Leadership Forum on campus. (Photo by Ken Jones)

UTSC students and faculty joined local residents and representatives of community organizations yesterday for the third annual Community Connections Leadership Forum. 

The event, co-hosted by partner organization East Scarborough Storefront—a local hub that provides services and programs, showcased the collaborative research, educational and community-building programs in the Kingston Galloway/Orton Park (KGO) and Mornelle Court neighbourhoods.

Keynote speaker Matt Galloway, host of Metro Morning on CBC Radio, reflected on community development and praised the partnership as a model example for Toronto.

“This is the type of partnership the city needs to know about because it’s a story about the potential for positive change,” says Galloway. “It’s also a true example of a partnership because those involved are genuinely interested in each other and have equal opportunity to participate.” 

Last November, UTSC and East Scarborough Storefront undertook a year-long study to examine their partnership’s business model and the reasons for its success. Key findings were presented at last night’s forum in the hope that it will help other communities develop similar successful models. 

“We’ve worked hard together to develop a values-based relationship that honours the needs of the university and the community,” says Anne Gloger, director of the East Scarborough Storefront.

“The plan now is to deepen our relationship but also share with others what we’ve learned through this partnership in order to better help other communities.”

The partnership, which includes support from the United Way and the Galin Foundation, has launched a number of successful initiatives in the three years since its inception. A homework club is helping Military Trail Public School students achieve academic success. UTSC volunteers have shared their knowledge on water conservation with 200 community residents and the partnership offered residents an introductory environmental issues and research course. Local children are learning athletic and leadership skills in lacrosse, basketball, tennis and soccer camps.

“This event really highlights the partnership that has developed and the potential that exists for future growth,” says Kim Tull, manager of community engagement and development at UTSC. “I’m really proud of everything we’ve achieved so far.”   

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