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Two UTSC student athletes go for the Gold

Gabby Roberts-Winter (left) and Corin Metzger are part of the just launched Wheelchair Basketball Canada Academy (Photo by Ken Jones)

Corin Metzger and Gabrielle Roberts-Winter were all-smiles at the Wheelchair Basketball Canada National Academy launch at the University of Toronto.

Both are UTSC students and share the ambition to be members of the Canadian Paralympic team.

Roberts-Winter transferred to UTSC from Saskatchewan in order to be a full-time participant in the academy. She began her wheelchair basketball career with the Regina Paratroopers five years ago and hasn’t stopped practicing and loving the sport ever since.

“It’s going to be a huge opportunity,” says the second-year Psychology student, explaining that until now, athletes in the sport have not been able to train together, five days a week.

“So now, UTSC is providing for us an environment where we can really work to improve our skills at a high level,” she says.

 “It is really an amazing opportunity to have this academy here,” agrees Metzger. “It will definitely help me just to be able to train every day and go towards my ultimate goal of being on a Paralympic team. It’s just phenomenal.”

A second-year Social Sciences student originally from Elmira, On., Metzger started playing wheelchair basketball at age 10. She has been with the national team for about four years now. She was part of the 2011 Under-25 women’s team, and has played with the Canadian team in Japan and Germany.

Both women understand the challenges of being full-time students and having to commit to the sport practices with the academy, and say procrastination is “not a luxury” they can afford.


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