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The Hub inspires students to explore and create

A dozen UTSC students spent last Thursday evening interacting with alumni members currently working in the technology industry.

The interactive sessions were organized by The Hub Ideation + Experiential Learning Centre, in line with its mission of helping students and faculty members generate new and creative ideas that can have an impact beyond the classroom.

The students were contestants and participants in AppStar, a mobile development competition at UTSC that gives students an opportunity to turn their ideas into mobile apps and win cash prizes.

“This is a space for these students to explore an idea and move it forward,” said Gray Graffam, director of The Hub, adding that the centre could also serve as a stepping stone to take ideas from an initial concept to commercialization.

After launching AppStar last year and awarding the winners, this year’s round attracted about 90 contestants. About 30 of them – grouped in nine teams – have completed their projects. Results are expected by end of September, and an award ceremony for winners will be held in October.

The UTSC Development and Alumni Relations office invited four alumni members to come and share advice from their experience in the computer programming, Internet media and software industries.

They included Seelan Vamatheva, software development team leader at SIRT; Christine Ganesh who is a senior user experience architect at Ogilvy; Arjune Selvarajan, a multi-disciplinary designer in the e-commerce industry and Kyle Boyko, co-founder of the ARTSIDEOUT festival and founder of ManaCrowd, a crowdfunding and digital publishing platform for independent video games.

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