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UTSC 2013 Arbor Awards Recipients


For almost a quarter century, the University of Toronto’s Arbor Awards have been recognizing volunteers for their outstanding personal service to the University.  On September 10th six members of the UTSC community were among those honoured at a reception acknowledging the loyalty, dedication and generosity that enrich the quality of the U of T experience for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

UTSC congratulates:

M. Eleanor Irwin

Although she retired in 2001, Eleanor continues to support UTSC. As the Dean's Designate for the Administration of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters at the University of Toronto Scarborough for the past nine years, Eleanor provides invaluable advice regarding academic integrity and represents UTSC at Tribunal hearings.

George Quan Fun (1986 BA UTSC)

Both an alumnus and a faculty member, George Quan Fun represents the best of the UTSC experience as a valued voice in his field and as a beacon of support and positivity for students and his faculty peers.  George’s extensive contributions to the community have earned him the 2013 Leader2Leader Award and the Dean’s Merit Award.  His contributions in the classroom have twice earned him the Professor of the Year award.

Preet Banerjee (2001 HBSc UTSC)

Soon after graduating from UTSC with a degree in neuroscience, Preet Banerjee left the medical field for a career in auto racing and then to the financial services industry as a portfolio manager.  His dynamic personality and skill as a communicator make him a sought after expert and co-host of a show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel.  Despite living in the fast lane, he makes time to serve as an advisor, student mentor, tireless volunteer and supporter of UTSC.

Roshan Gunapalasundaram (2007 HBSc UTSC)

A strong supporter and advocate of Arts & Science Co-op programs, Roshan is both an alumnus and a Co-op employer. As an industry expert, panellist and program ambassador, he creates opportunities for UTSC students to hear and see first-hand the dynamics of health-care and research settings in order to understand how classroom learning translates to the work world.

Brian Lau (2008 BBA UTSC)

Since graduating five years ago, Brian has worked closely with the Department of Management to re-establish the UTSC Management Alumni Association (MAA), support the growth of the Management and Economics Students Association (MESA), mentor students and work closely with staff to address alumni matters and to enhance career development programming for students. As the MAA’s Vice-President of Operations and Business Development, Brian is an inspiration to the young alumni group.

Bryon Wilfert (1975 BA UTSC)

Throughout his 26 years in political office as a municipal councillor and as a Member of Parliament, the Honourable Bryon Wilfert has supported the campus as a mentor to students and a strategic advisor on UTSC’s Asia strategies and partnerships.  Bryon willingly shares his expertise, participating in the Leader2Leader conference and playing a key role in a unique Ottawa event that saw students, alumni, prospective students, co-op employers, faculty and staff debate Canada's role in the world


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