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Green Path program continues to provide paths to success

UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino hands out E Fund scholarships to graduates of the Green Path program. The recent cohort of students is the largest since the program's inception in 2005. (Photo by Ken Jones)

The 225 students who graduated from Green Path this summer are part of the largest cohort since the program began nine years ago.

Since then the unique program, which prepares students from China for undergraduate studies at U of T, has also attracted significant new scholarships and co-op opportunities for its participants.

“Green Path has matured from the time we started with only 15 students to the point where we are recruiting top students from all over China,” says Jack Martin, director of business development and international programs at UTSC.

Ten new scholarships were awarded to students at the recent graduation ceremony. The scholarships, made possible by a $450,000 commitment over three years by E Fund Education Foundation in Guangzhou, China, are the first to be given by the foundation to students studying outside of China. This scholarship is available in addition to two Jiangsu scholarships made available by the Nanjing New City Group in China.

The program’s success has played an important role in deepening the relationship between UTSC and the People’s Republic of China, leading to co-op opportunities for Green Path students with companies all over China including the Bank of China, State Grid and Nanjing New City Group. 

“UTSC has worked to establish meaningful relationships with government, business and education leaders in China to ensure our Green Path students get off to a great start in Canada,” says UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino.  “I am personally delighted to see the program’s continued growth.”

Green Path is a 12-week summer preparatory program that invites top high school students from China to build academic skills while allowing them to adapt to life in Canada.

Many of the students go on to achieve a high level of academic success at U of T, with more than 50 per cent earning a 3.20 GPA or higher. (Read more about Green Path). 


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