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UTSC welcomes students from Taiwan

UTSC welcomed the first Taiwanese students recruited under a new program. (Photo by Ken Jones)

The University of Toronto Scarborough is welcoming students recruited directly from Taiwan under a new program.

Nineteen Taiwanese students are enrolled in an eight-week program that prepares them to start undergraduate studies at UTSC for the 2013-2014 academic year. Recruited through FAIR-Taiwan (Facilitated Admissions International Recruitment) from the country’s top 10 high schools, they spend the summer in student residences, learning about life in Canada and honing their academic and language skills.

“I am so excited to be at UTSC as an international student and look forward to interacting with people from all over the world,” says Tiffany Tsai..

The students hope the summer program will make a difference.  “I’m a little scared, yes, but I hope eight weeks will be helpful to get me going,” says student Ken Chen, who envisions a career in management.

The program was initiated by Professor Liang Chen, associate dean and senior lecturer. She says that FAIR-Taiwan is part of UTSC’s effort to attract the best and brightest students from all over the world. Liang collaborated with schools in Taiwan and with Taiwanese-Canadian community organizations to spread the word about the program.

Several local organizations established the Taiwanese Canadian Scholarships Program at UTSC, creating six different scholarships that go to the best students in various fields of study. The Taiwan Merchants Association of Toronto, the Taiwanese Hakka Association of Toronto, the Taiwanese Canadian Association of Toronto, the World Taiwan Language and Culture Association, the Taiwanese Community Centre of Ontario and the Taiwanese Canadian Community Service Association each set up a $2,000 scholarship for a duration of three years. The scholarship recipients receive a maximum of $5,000 during their four years of studies, as long as they maintain an excellent academic performance.

“We want the students to know that they are supported by everybody here at the university and in the community. This is a group effort,” says Liang.

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